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3 days in-person + 3 months online

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles PMU permanent makeup class

 You will learn:

- Ombre Powder

- Nano Brows

- Microblading

- Combo brows

- Saline Removal

- Color correction

- How to get clients

What's included:

✅ One model for each student (never share a model)

✅ Only $150 for each additional models if you wish to work on more models with my guidance

3 days in person training + 3 months access to online videos after the class

3 months mentorship program

3 months free chair rental for all students. Then it's only $30 chair rental fee per appointment.

Fully loaded kit + Tattoo machine & microblading pens


✅ In-depth manual


Vendor's list


My exact business plan


Marketing strategies


✅ Lunch included


✅ Certificate upon completion

Your kit will include everything needed to perform the procedure on your first couple of clients including:

-Tattoo machine

-Cartridge needles

-Microblading blades

-Numbing cream

-My top favorite pigments

-Practice sheets

-Mannequin face

-Brow pencils & mapping string

-Measuring caliper

-Scissors, tweezers & razor blades

-Aftercare ointment

Plus all the little things & accessories (that way you're not running around having to buy all the little stuff)

In addition, I will give you direct sources and links from where I get all my supplies from (I never put my logo and upsell things to you on my website).

Class will cover:

Business legalities

Social media & branding

Free marketing strategies & paid ads

Color theory & color corection

How to cover up old tattoos

Skin anatomy & Fitzpatrick

Yely's favorite pigments

Tray & procedure set up

Importance of sanitation

Yely's unique brow mapping technique

Microblading hair strokes

Nano Brow Strokes

Ombre powder shading

Body position, hand placement

Machine/microblade gripping

Correct speed, pressure & depth

Different shading techniques

Different hairstroke patterns

Picture/video taking & editing

All supplies & tools that Yely uses & vendors

Client consent forms

Pre-care + aftercare forms

Initial appointments & touch ups

And so much more...

Microblading certification

Read what students have to say:

Anchor 1

3 days in person + 90 days online

Next class dates:

August 17, 18, 19

September 14, 15, 16

October 19, 20, 21

November 15, 16, 17


Day one: 8am-4pm

Day two: 8am-4pm

Day three: 8am-2pm

Class total: $3,000

Deposit to enroll: $500

Remaining balance $2,500 due first day of class.

Payment plans available.

Small class sizes (only 3-6 students maximum per class)

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