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Ombre Brows, Microblading & Combo Brows Training

Have you been thinking about joining the PMU brow industry? If so, I'm so glad you have found me! (I think you will be too). My name is Yely, I'm the Artist and Master trainer here at Yely Beauty. By taking my class, you will understand all the Why's and How's of PMU. If you have a minute, please read all through the bottom to find out all the details. 

My program is 3 days of in person training Plus:

- 60 days online access to training videos

- FREE Shadow days after training

- FREE chair rental for the first month.

- Only $150 for any extra model guidance 

- & option to join my "Booked & Busy" monthly plan.

You will learn:
-Ombre Powder

-Combo Brows (also known as microshading or hybrid brows)
- & Saline removal

If you're just interested in learning Ombre, please let me know. I do offer private trainings tailored to your specific needs. 

Address: 3151 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Los Angeles, CA 90068​

I understand the importance of quality education and how crucial it is for all your questions to be answered during the time of training. For that reason, each class will be an intimate setting of a small group (no more than 3-6 students).

If you're truly serious about learning the best techniques AND becoming a true BUSINESS owner, then you owe it to yourself to try this new opportunity and change your life.


Practice on a 3D mannequin
before working on a real model



• BUSINESS START UP GUIDE - Not knowing where to start (or how to grow) your business is a concern for any brow artist. By providing you with a materials list, vendor list, copies of consent forms, aftercare forms, and making students aware of health department regulations, permits required for business, licenses, etc. will help them to build their business right away. 

• MARKETING - You'll learn the same marketing method that helped me book tons of clients to the point where I was fully booked from the very beginning of my journey and I'll show you the exact steps I took so you can get the same results. I will show you free marketing strategies you can use, I will also show you how to set up paid ads and how to establish your social media to stand out from the rest.


 • BOOKED & BUSY - If you'd like all of the marketing to be done for you, I do offer my "booked & busy" monthly plans where I will do all of your marketing, send you referrals and clients your way and help you with your social media. You will just have to create beautiful brows!


• COLOR THEORY - You will learn my color theory, color correction, how to cover up old tattoos, and my secret of mixing different pigments to create custom colors for beautiful and long lasting healed results.

• EASIEST WAY TO BROW MAP - You will learn my signature brow shaping technique so you can easily draw a clean symmetrical brow. You don’t need to be good at free-hand drawing. I was never any good at drawing myself, but I developed this technique to make it easier for myself. I tried other mapping techniques but none worked as good. This method is the method I’ve used on hundreds of clients and taught to my previous students and they all agree that it’s a game-changer! Hint: it's not using concelear.

• SANITATION - You will learn proper sanitation procedures and how to set up your stations to keep your clients safe.

• OMBRE POWDER - You will learn 3 different shading techniques: I will show you the correct angle and hand placement, machine speed, skin stretch & depth so that you can nail down your technique. If you already have experience, you’ll be taking your skills to the next level.

 • MICROBLADING - You will learn proper skin stretch, correct blade handling and depth so you can create you most beautiful crispy strokes. In addition, if you wanted to create the hair strokes with the machine instead, I can also show you how to do that (nano brows)


 • COMBO BROWS - Also known as Microshading or Hybrid Brows: you will learn how to combine hairstrokes with machine shading for a flawless blend.

• SALINE REMOVAL - You will learn how to lighten up old eyebrow tattoos that do not qualify for cover ups or corrections.

• VIDEO /PICTURE - You’ll learn the right angle to take photos and videos, how to set up your camera's phone settings, correct lighting, and how to edit photos and videos to make them scroll-stopping to increase your marketing skills. I’ll show you my favorite apps + tools that make all of this SO easy.

• REAL MODEL PRACTICE - You will have hands on training by working on a live model under my supervision on the last day of training. You will also be able to come back and shadow me as many times as you'd like to gain more experience. 

• I will only be guiding 2 students at a time on the third day of training working on live models. First group is from 8am-2pm and second group is from 2pm to 8pm. You will have your own model to wok on by yourself with my help; there is no sharing of models between students, that way you will get the full experience. 

What Students Are Saying



• Certificate upon completion.

• 60 days online access to training videos.

• In-depth printed manual: detailed descriptions of the process, techniques and theories. You'll never forget anything important because you can just go back and review the information at any time from your manual. No need to even take notes during class. I already have it all put together for you, on the manual and on the online videos!

• VENDOR LIST with a fully loaded kit + machine including all supplies needed, my favorite brow mapping tools, pigments, needles and microblades. The machine I will be giving you is a real tattoo machine with universal needles, not the typical PMU private label machine you see in most other trainings.

• Student support: For any questions you may have after the training, you will have direct access to my phone number to ask me anything! 

And much, much more!


What makes Yely’s class stand out from the rest:

  1. By taking this class you will be trained directly by me and not by any other hired employee or artist. 

  2. I only focus on eyebrow permanent makeup. I do believe one can not be a real master trainer in different things (for example lashes, lips, eyeliner, scars, stretch marks, etc). 

  3. I will be the only one communicating with you for any questions you may have after training. No asistants or employees will be answering your questions. You will have my personal phone number. Sure, you can always join groups to interact and chat with other students and artists, but who better to answer your questions than the trainer herself?

  4. If you have a minute, I invite you to check out my Instagram @yelybeauty. I always upload all of my students' model results together with their certification picture. Not all trainers do this. Actually, I've yet to come up across one. Most of the time they only upload the best ones. However I showcase EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 

  5. Results are real- I mostly just upload video. With all the picture editing apps available, it is so easy nowadays to edit the brows and make them look more symmetrical, thinner, thicker, or different color by photoshop. However, videos don’t lie. When choosing your trainer, if there is one advice you allow me to give you is to choose someone that shows real raw results using video and not pictures (shows both eyebrows in the video not just one angle or one brow)

  6. Addional perks that makes this class stand out:

  7. You will learn all three eyebrow techniques in one class: Microblading, Ombré, & Combo with an added bonus of saline removal.

  8. It’s 3 days in person training.

  9. I know that things can easily be forgotten after taking an in-person class by itself. So as a bonus perk, I will also give you access to online videos after training to help you remember the techniques taught during class. 

  10. I give all students opportunity to come back and shadow me for FREE & UNLIMITED TIMES while I perform the procedure on a real client. 

  11. After training is complete, if you ever want to work on another model with my guidance, it’s only $150 and you can schedule as many models as you’d like (this can help you build your portfolio with flawless looking brows while gaining more experince at the same time) 

  12. All students get free chair rental for the first month and then it's $55 per client or $850/mo for unlimited access 24/7, 365 days a year. 

  13. My classes are kept small, never more than 6 students per class.

  14. Only those students who have taken my class qualify for my Booked and Busy monthly plan. With this plan, I help you establish your social medias, set up and run your paid ads and help you grow your portfolio by helping you get clients. This plan is perfect for those new to social media advertising. Without a good marketing plan, it won’t matter how good you are if clients are not able to find you! I will already show you during class how you’re able to do this by yourself but just in case you want it done for you, I’m here for it!


I hope this information was useful. If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know and I will gladly help you figure it out! If you'd like to schedule a tour to come check out the salon or to further ask me more questions just let me know and we can set up a consultation for you.


Total course Tuition $3,000

Deposit to enroll $500

Remaining balance of $2,500 due first day of class (payment plans are also available).

To enroll for class, please click on one of the following class dates:


June 24, 25 & 26 (full)

July 22, 23 & 24 (full)

August 19, 20 & 22 (one seat left)

September 9, 10 & 11 (three seats left)

Class times:

Day 1: 8am-4pm

Day 2: 8am-4pm

Day 3: 8am-2pm or 2pm-8pm

Address: 3151 Cahuenga Blvd W, Los Angeles, CA 90068

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