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Bringing Beauty To Everyone

If you are looking to invest in yourself and start your own business in permanent makeup, look no further! I offer training sessions for all types of expertise levels, including new and advanced artists.

My classes are always fun, affordable, and packed with all the information, techniques, and skills needed to learn the science behind PMU as well as how to start a successful business in the field! Earn over $1,000 a day doing what you love! If you have a minute, I invite you to visit my instagram @yelybeauty and see the results I'll be teaching you. If you love what you see, maybe I'll see you soon? ☺️❤️

Available trainings:

- Beginner & advanced group trainings: 3 days in person + bonus 60 days online.

- 1:1 Mentorship (60 minute coaching call via zoom)

To find out all the details about my trainings including price and dates, please text 323-393-7154 or send me a dm through Instagram @yelybeauty  thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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