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3151 Cahuenga Blvd W, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Third floor, room 310


To book a chair, click here. Note: I do not accept anyone to come in to the salon without first booking the chair. The booking page will say 30 minutes but you'll be able to take as long as you need to complete your appointment.


When you book the chair, it wont ask you for payment.

Chair rental payments are not required beforehand in case you get cancellations or no shows. You'll have to send the payment after your appointment is completed or latest by the end of that day. You can send the payment through zelle to this number 323-393-7154 you can put Yely as the first name and Beauty as the last name (it will appear as ANAYELY). 


Chair rental prices are as follow:




Students get free chair rental for the first 3 months. So if you're within 3 months of having taken my class, you don't have to worry about sending any payments.


When you book your first chair rental, make sure to register/sign up for an account that way if you have any cancellations or reschedules, you can log in and change the appointments. 


In order to avoid $30 cleaning fee, please make sure to clean up after your appointment. Make sure there aren't any stains on the floor or chair. To properly clean up pigment spills and pencil lead from the floor or chair, use the yellow spray cleaner which is really good at removing stains (the cavicide spray is only good at disinfecting, not at removing stains). If there is any trash on the floor, please make sure to pick that up as well or use the broom to sweep it.

You'll be able to book a chair at any time and any day of the week. But the parking lot attendant only opens the garage door Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. If the garage door is close when you arrive, there'll be a key inside a lockbox on the floor next to the garage door which you'll be able to use to open the garage door. The code for the lock box is 20. You'll have to push the code 20 again in order to put the key back in the box. And then the code for the studio door is 092919

There is an Ipad on the wall with youtube music app in it if you'd like to put on music. If the bluetooth is not connected, go to the settings and re-connect it to bluetooth. 

The studio temperature is always kept at 68-71 degrees. If your clients get cold, there are some cozy blankets on the break room area that they can use to stay warm.


Garage parking is $3.75/hour, daily max is $12.50 for Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

All other hours and weekends parking is free. 

Monthly parking is also available for $77/month.

To cover up the chairs and trays, you'll be able to find the bags, bibs and barrier film on the drawer underneath the microwave. I always try to leave at least one station set up so you can just copy how that one is set up to set up yours (or refer to the picture below).

There will also be a $30 fee if you use any chairs that have the "Reserved" sign on it


I appreciate your understanding of these policies.

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Lock box

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