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Why should you consider a career in permanent makeup?


A career in permanent makeup can be lucrative and deeply fulfilling. One that can satisfy your passion for beauty and independence, while providing you with an income potential that is only limited by your drive. It is a relatively easy career to get into, no prior experience and although every state is different most don't require a license.


No 4 Year Degree Needed!
A great thing that makes a career in permanent makeup such an attractive option for so many people is the time it takes to get started! I’m not gonna lie to you, it does take a lot of dedicated practice hours to become skilled in the art of permanent makeup eyebrows but you can be able to start making a 6 figure income by your first year! What other career do you know of that allows you to make ‘doctor money’ without any student debt and all those years of schooling?


As mentioned above, it will take you quite a lot of dedicated practice hours to be skilled and successful in your new craft. And when I say lots of practice hours, I really mean it! For some people, this may sound overwhelming so they stop practicing. Sadly, this has lead to an influx of poor or ‘botched’ work out there in the industry. Trust me, it is worth taking the time and doing things right! With hard work and dedication, you will be ready to start taking clients when the time is right. And with my included ongoing support, you will have coaching and guidance every step of the way as you are learning, specially if you're working from my salon, you'll have direct access to ask me any questions, feedback or critique your work. When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound so bad at all, now does it?

Pros and cons:

Another consideration is the cost of all that training that you will need. With reputable group training programs ranging anywhere from $3,000-$4,000 it is no small investment in your future so choose wisely. Although while this may sound like a lot, when compared to the cost of the average 4-year degree, approximately $39,000 for public universities and much, much more for private 4 year institutions, you are saving, literally, tens of thousands of dollars! And the best part, permanent makeup artists can end up making about as much as their degreed counterparts, without the degree! 

Choosing a new career is hard; after all, it is your future! Hopefully, I’ve given you something to think about. And if you decide a career in permanent makeup is for you, I hope you’ll join one of my training classes soon! Registration is always ongoing with new classes starting every month. So, see you soon?

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