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Lip Blushing Is The Cosmetic Procedure You Didn't Know You Wanted


Lip blush is the new alternative to the old permanent lip makeup.  The idea of this procedure is to give the lips a fuller, softer appearance without a harsh lip liner look.


Here's how it works: A tiny mechanized needle deposits pigment into the lips, which builds layers of color.  You have the option of a nice, vibrant color or a soft pink blush. Many people request color similar to that of an infant – a very natural soft pinkish/red. Others desire a more dramatic effect. During your consultation you can discuss how much color you desire. The intensity of desired color will determine the amount of touch-ups that will be required. Most lip procedures require at least one touch up. 


Cost $450 Touch ups are not included with this price. To book please text  (213) 455-0164

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