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Individual Trainings

This private 1:1 training is 3 or 6 hours long 


You can choose to learn one or both of the following choices:

  • Mapping

  • Powder brow techniques

Both of these trainings consist of practice on latex skin and mannequin. No live models. However, you can schedule a model training session which is charged separately.


Please read below for more info on each individual training.





For existing PMU artists looking to learn Yely’s brow mapping technique. You will learn mapping using illusion work based on each individual and their unique structures. This brow mapping training is specifically aimed for any artist who struggle with brow mapping to achieve the best shape and symmetry for their clients.

Training will cover the following: 

  • Eyebrow design and facial Structure

  • Eyebrow mapping and symmetry

  • Differences in brow bones and brow muscles and how to concave and convex to achieve symmetry

  • How to clean up the edges for clear lines

  • Practice on mannequin

  • Mapping manual included

  • Mapping certificate included

Note: After your training is over I will have an appointment after you, if you wish you could stay and watch me map my clients eyebrows. If I don't have an appointment after you, then you will be more than welcome to come back at any time to shadow me during one of my appointments and see how I map my client's eyebrows.



For existing PMU artists looking to learn Yely’s shading technique. I will show you the correct angle and hand placement, machine speed, skin stretch & depth so that you can nail down your technique.

The training will cover the following:

  • Anatomy of the Skin

  • Choosing your needle and machine configuration

  • All the different ways to perform an ombre brow 

  • Practice on latex skin and mannequin 

  • Proper hand movement, pressure and speed

  • Ombre brow manual

  • Ombre brow technique certificate included


To sign up for one of these private trainings, please refer to the FAQs below to see if you qualify and to sign up.

Training tuition is $1,000/ea

If you pick both $1,500

$100 deposit is required to reserve your seat which will go towards the total price. 

Remaining balance will be due at the beginning of training.



None of these three options will teach you about:

  • Setting up your brand/business set up

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • How to get clients

  • Insurance

  • Intro to permanent makeup

  • Color theory and color mixing

  • Techniques for correcting permanent Makeup

  • Tray and procedure set up

  • Contraindications

  • Practice on live model

  • Communicating with your client

  • Client consent forms (English and Spanish)

  • Precare and aftercare instructions for your clients (English and Spanish)

  • Picture/video taking and editing

  • or anything not related to the individual training you're signing up for

If you want to learn any of that information, then this is not the right training for you. In this case, I recommend you to sign up for my 3 day training program where I'll teach you EVERYTHING from A-Z and you will also have exclusive discounts on chair rentals on top of one free complimentary month.

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