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Here is a quick demo on how a procedure is done. Please watch both videos to see if it's something you see yourself doing!

New starting artists can start charging around $200 for their first couple of clients. Once you start growing your portfolio and gain more experience, you can increase your prices accordingly. 

I started charging $250 and booking 6-7 appointments per week on my first month (June 2020). By my second month, I increased my price up to $300 and by the third month $350. I made well over 6 figures on my first year which allowed me to open up my very own 1,600sf salon by June 2021. In my training, you will not only learn my techniques of doing eyebrows, but I will also show you the ways in which I was able to get my self completely booked right from the start with ZERO prior experience (restaurant worker my whole life). I didn't learn any of these marketing strategies from any other course. I came up with my own ways through research and preparation. And I will show you the exact steps I took so you can get the same results.

Please click here to read all the full details about my class and I'll see you on the next page!

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