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How to pick a good pmu brow class:

First of all, let me point out the differences between the 4 main eyebrow procedures and which one is better.

There are 4 main techniques:

  • Microblading

  • Nano brows (aka hairstroke tattoo)

  • Ombre brows (aka powder brows)

  • Combo Brows (aka microshading or hybrid brows)

Microblading cuts the skin with tiny needles to create the hairstroke. This is the most invasive procedure out of the 4. It creates more bleeding and damage to the skin. It does look really natural right at first. However, once it’s done healing after the two weeks, there is nothing natural looking about those results. You will have a lot of client dissatisfaction with this technique.

Nano brows is similar to microblading except that the hairstroke is created with a tattoo machine and needle. By creating the hairstroke with the machine, leads to less skin trauma and better healing results than that of microblading. However, it’s healing results are still not the best. And on top of that, nano brows is the hardest technique to master as it does require higher precision to create the hairstroke. Someone with little to no experience with the tattoo machine will have a hard time mastering the technique. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend taking a nano brow course to any beginner artist until he/she already has plenty of experience working with the machine.

Ombre brows are the makeup look. In this procedure, we’re not creating any hairstrokes at all, we’re only shading in the eyebrow with the selected pigment using the tattoo machine and needle. The end results look as if the client had filled in her brows with eyebrow makeup. Initially, results will look very pigmented/bold and sharp. However, once it’s done healing in the two weeks, the end color results are very soft and natural looking. This is the procedure that heals the most natural out of the 4 and is the one with the highest retention results. When I first started with my career, I was only focused on microblading because I thought it was the most natural looking one. However I quickly realized how bad the healing results were no matter how good my technique was. And so then I learned about Ombre brows. Ever since then, my career and life changed for the better. I fell in love with the procedure instantly and never looked back.

Combo Brows is a combination of hairstrokes and shading. There are many ways you can do a combination brow. For example, you can add hairstrokes all over the brow and then go on top of it with the machine to add shading. Or you can just add hairstrokes at the fronts of the brows and then add shading for the rest of the brow.  A combination brow will always be better than just microblading or nano brows alone. But a combination brow is still not better than Ombre brows.

So as you can see and what I do recommend for beginner artists is to learn Ombre brows and then from there once they have mastered the machine techniques, it’ll be easier for them to learn the nano brow technique if they wish to.

In my class I teach Ombre brows and this is the technique that I focus on the most. But as an added bonus, students will also get to learn Combo Brows and saline removal (saline remover is a method that can significantly fade and remove old brow tattoos from clients who do not qualify for cover ups or corrections)

Step #1:

Assuming that you're a beginner artist who has only worked on 0-100 clients, then you need to check off any brow classes that do not teach Ombre brows. 


Step #2:
Every time you come across an Ombre brow class, ask yourself:
Does this place main focus is on Ombre brows or do they offer other kinds of services/trainings?

The answer should be obvious to you if you look into their Instagram page. If you see that the place does a whole bunch of different services like for example microblading, brow lamination, lashes, lip blush, eyeliner, scalp, stretch marks, nails, etc.., then this is not the place where you want to take training for your Ombre brows. Or for anything. Check them off your list. And run away from them as far as you possibly can. If you want to know why. Ask yourself. If someone was really craving sushi, where do you think they’ll have higher chances of eating good sushi? From a buffet restaurant that offers a whole bunch of different foods or from a specialized sushi restauraránt? My point is, my love, when a place offers multiple procedures/trainings it’s not possible for them to be a specialist in every one of those procedures. Please seek training from a dedicated Ombre brow specialist. And make sure you'll be trained directly by the artist and not by hired employees. If these employees were really good Top Master trainers, they would have their own salon/training and would not be working under someone else. 

Step #3
Now you need to look into their Instagram and see if their posts are mainly videos and not photos. Photos are photoshopped. Photos are fake. Not real. However videos don’t lie. So make sure the brow artist has more videos than photos. Check them off your list if they don't.

Step #4
Check out how they do their mapping. If they’re using concealer, it’s not really the easiest way to map an eyebrow. So I would already check them off my list. Using the pencil and string method alone is the easiest way to do mapping and I know because I have already tried them all. Just make sure that their mapping lines are clean and crispy. It's the only way to achieve symmetrical brows. The way their mapping lines look, is the way the'll be teaching you! If you have a minute, I invite you to check out my mapping results on my Instagram highlights so you can see how clean and crispy my lines are without the need to use concealer. This is the way I’ll be teaching you. 

Step #5
Ask yourself: Do I like their work? Are these the results I want to achieve? Do they have enough healed results on their page? Is their work top quality? Does it stand out from other Ombre brow artists?

A good way you’ll know you’ll be getting the best tips and tricks is by taking training from someone whose work you love and admire. Taking an Ombre brow class from someone with mediocre results just because their training is cheaper, will not really get you anywhere. You will miss out on important information, and they won’t be able to guide you on the proper ways to do the technique or brow mapping as they can’t even help themselves to deliver higher quality results.

Step #6
Okay so now hopefully by this point you were able to narrow down your list to just a handful of courses. These ones made it to your top favorites. So at this point now you can ask your self what kind of training configuration are you looking for. Are you looking for online training or in person?

A good rule of thumb: if you’re a beginner artist ( beginner means no experience or less than 100 clients) then you’d be able to learn and gain more knowledge by taking an in person training.

Online trainings can be very informative, yes, but it’s very crucial you get hands on training with the instructor so she can help guide your hand movements with the machine and with the brow mapping. Trust me, it helps a lot! It’s also very crucial you work on a real model under their guidance so you can get the most out of the training and have less chances needing to take another course on the same procedure in the future.

With that being said, a good course will not only consist of in person but also will give you access to training videos online after the class is over. Let’s be honest, it’s actually really hard for someone to remember everything that was taught during class; the techniques, the hand movements, how to hold the machine, posture.. ext. it’s something that you can not just read on a printed manual. For that reason a good course will also have these videos pre recorded for you so you can follow a long as you continue practicing at home.

So take off from your list anyone that does not offer online training videos after the class.

Okay so now left in your list are only courses that offer both in person plus online. Good.

Step #7:

Llet’s talk about how many days. A course that offers online training can definitely get away with 2 days of in person training. However not 1. So if someone from your list is offering only one day for the in person training, they gotta go.

If they’re offering 3 days of in person training, that’s a plus and really good. If they’re offering more than three days of in person training, you gotta watch out for that. Sometimes they say they offer more days, but in reality the hours each day are not a lot. So it could be just like 2 days in total if you were to add all the hours together. And if they’re actually full 8hr days, then it’s going to be more expensive. A good structured course will not need more than 3 days to deliver the information to you. A not so well structured course will need more. Therefore increasing their prices when you could of gotten the same knowledge from one of your other top courses with 2 or 3 days for a lesser price.

Okay so at this point the only courses left on your list would have one of the following configurations: 

2 days in person plus x amount of days online

3 days in person plus x amount of days online

Step #8:
Now you can go and contact the artists who have made it this far in your list to ask them how much their course is. At this point, now you can choose the one who has the best price and the best incentives. For example, in my class, I do offer all my students free shadow days after training, free chair rental for a whole month, 60 days access to the training videos, and as an added bonus students will also get to learn about Combo brows and saline removal. 

If all the brow clases that made it to your top list have prices out of your budget, my love then you will have to start saving. The last thing you want is settle for anyone else that did not make it to your top list.

I know there are so many courses out there to choose from and I hope this can help you sort through the chaos. Please click here to read all about what my class has to offer. 

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